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February 9th, 2004

11:19 pm: Addicted to Final Fantasy 11
Ok, so this sort of sucks.

I just met someone (more on that later, once I'm not shy :) and also get addicted to Final Fantasy 11. However, being a total geek, I can't let the install process by. I'd expect to get fired if I designed an out-of-box experience worse than the FF11 install!

It comes on 5 disks. It has no less than 4 16-character long registration codes. One isn't used unless you waste time with "tetramaster" though.

The install process is to insert the "play online" disk, and install. It installs the waste of time "tetramaster" as well. After it installs, running it (as it asks if I want to do) upgrades it. Well, sure, that happens all the time -- Diablo II sure as hell upgraded on initial connect. However, after it upgrades, it won't run, giving some sort of error about "unable to update somefile.dll" or some windows-related crap.

Ok, fine. I risk it, and put disk 1 of FF11 in. It takes 20 minutes to install. Then disk 2, another 20. Then disk 3, another 30. Then, DISK 1 AGAIN! Grr! It had 20 minutes to think about disk 1, why the hell would it need it again? Ok, fine, I feed it disk 1.

The next thing it does is tell me to put disk 4 in and install it. It's not part of the normal install process, it turns out -- it's an "expansion" that is "required for play" -- that means it's part of the base game, guys.

So, fine, I feed it disk 4 and install it.

The next thing it does is be cute. I have to click about 15 times to get into the game on every restart, and probably about 50 to 100 times to just enter the registration data. I'm all for cute in puppies, but software I want to work. I didn't buy the game for cute out-of-game graphics, required-viewing splash screens with loud music, or things that make it slower to do what I wanted to do -- play the game.

The registration codes also need to be entered in UPPER CASE or they don't work. The "PlayOnline ID" needs to be entered in UPPER CASE or it won't work. How... lame. Even windows install gets that right. Usually.

And now I'm all registered, I've got my PlayOnline ID, and I'm out $50 for the game and $13/month for as long as I'm kept interested. And just how do they keep me interested you ask? By "checking" 7,600+ files. Then "downloading" 1,900+ files. Then "installing" them. Total time is about 3 hours.

And then I have to make a "handle" and then a character, then attach the character to the only "handle" I have in their system.

It goes to show that this is a fairly good game. They're lucky in that -- if it wasn't, I'd have returned it as a piece of sh*t by now.

If anyone sees a character run by on the Ragnarok server, called Aztec, that's me. Say hi, and heal me -- I probably need it.

February 3rd, 2004

08:36 pm: Ok, it's frightening...
I created my LJ account only a few days ago, and I already have people mailing me about it. And I've not said anything there yet! Don't you people have lives? :)

January 30th, 2004

03:36 pm: Well, I took the plunge
Since nearly everyone I know has done the Live Journal thing, and even people I consider sane have accounts here now, I decided it was time to stop avoiding it and take the plunge.

Current Mood: working
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